High-concept editorial imagery for bridal and fashion brands

Bridal fashion plays a pivotal role on every wedding day.

Whether it's ready-to-wear, couture or tailored pieces, it has the power to change the whole narrative. That’s why I love collaborating with visionary designers to create high-concept editorial imagery for lookbooks, campaigns, and collections.

black bride dancing in silk wedding dress
dramatic editorial wedding portrait of bride touching extra large rose
black and white grainy image of black bride wearing a silk wedding dress and holding a single stem rose

Shooting in digital and analogue film, my photography is deeply intuitive, soulful, and romantic.

Born from a love of intricate details and organic textures, weaving poetic narratives into your artistry and offering endless inspiration to couples.  At the heart of my photography is a people-first approach. Within seconds of seeing a design, I’m thinking about who the person will become when they wear it. How does it make them feel? How does it move and catch the light? What backdrop do we need to give this the moment it deserves?

There is always so much to capture.

Establishing a safe space is the strongest foundation on which to build scroll-stopping imagery. Before shooting a single frame, I prioritise building trust and genuine connections with who I’m photographing. Instead of shooting with a list of poses, I tune into body language, ensuring every session is full of high energy, laughter, and movement. 

From a decade in education to becoming an established photographer, teaching will always be part of who I am. I am relentless in my pursuit of learning, experimenting, and pushing boundaries. This ethos extends to Faye Wilde Workshops, where I share my insights and knowledge with professional photographers in a supportive environment. 

Even during the busy wedding season, I always prioritise creativity in my business. Nothing compares to working with ambitious creatives who have ideas – and the courage to do something about it.

If you are interested in working together on a lookbook, campaign or project, please get in touch with as much information as possible about your brand.

silk scrunchies on a pile of wedding fashion books
wedding dresses covered by deckled sunlight
designer clamping back necklace to wedding dress

“I saw Faye's work on Instagram and knew I wanted her to shoot my latest campaign. On set, her energy was infectious and the way she directed the models to make them feel as comfortable as possible and get the most energy from them. The way she captured my jewellery and hair accessories was so beautiful. I loved the way she shot on film along with behind-the-scenes and the most beautiful shots I’ve seen in such a long time. Her energy and professionalism are second to none, and I’m so excited to work together on future projects.”

Sally Thomas - Owner and creative director of Tilly Thomas Lux

“It’s been such a joy joining forces with the incredibly talented Faye Wilde on numerous photoshoots, most notably for the captivating styled shoot of my Avalon and Talisma lookbook collections. Faye effortlessly channels boundless creative energy, turning every collaboration into a soul-stirring experience. Her lens captures the essence of my gowns in ways I could only dream of, and each time I unveil a gallery of her work, my heart is genuinely moved. Faye not only respects but intimately understands my brand identity, weaving a poetic dance of tone, texture, and framing that resonates with the very soul of my creations. Her meticulously curated images serve as a profound testament to her dedication in showcasing my work with an unparalleled depth of emotion.”

– Julita Bride Ldn

editorial bridal portrait of woman by the lake in lake como


Her style is immersively editorial with a touch of nostalgia.

Shooting in both digital and analogue film. Based in the UK but shooting worldwide. Nottingham Based Photographer.


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