Castello Monaci with JAN + RICK

We’re officially in a destination wedding era. I’ve had a huge influx of enquiries for weddings all over the world – with Italy being the most popular destination. 


Having lived in Perugia for a year and studied Italian, it really makes me so happy to be back. There is something extra magic about eloping with your chosen few against a backdrop of cobblestone streets and historic buildings. And don’t get me started on the food… 


You can imagine how excited I was for this workshop with Rebecca Marie. Set in the stunning grounds of Castello Monaci, a fairytale castle surrounded by rolling countryside and vineyards. Real bride Eloise wore a gorgeous Shikoba gown with puff sleeves, pockets, and a sweeping train for added drama. The styling was soft and romantic, with blush flexed roses, candles, and draped linen. 


It’s not hard to see why destination weddings are a photographer’s dream. Each day gives me a new opportunity to tell the story of your wedding, the people who mean so much to you, and your connection as a couple. If you want to get intimate shots in the pool – I’m all for it! 

Here's why getting married abroad can be a dream for you too:


They’re all about the experience 

Destination weddings are all about creating incredible experiences and long-lasting memories with your chosen few. That means focusing more on things like delicious food and drink, gorgeous music, and multiple celebrations. 


You can have a legal ceremony at home

Getting married abroad often means having a legal ceremony at home (hello, elopement fashion ) and having a celebrant-led ceremony when you get to your destination. This means you get a practice run before the big day, which helps to reduce any nerves. 


They naturally reduce your guest count

Destination weddings naturally lead to more intimate guest lists. Fewer guests mean more time with close family and friends. It also lowers food and drink costs. The celebration is more meaningful, and the budget is more manageable. It’s a win-win.


Talking of costs, guests usually cover their own…

This is a personal preference (and budget depending). But guests usually cover the cost of their own flights and accommodation. 


Venues aren’t as expensive as you might think 

Venues and food costs can be significantly lower when you get married abroad, which makes your budget go further and allows you to invest in the details that mean the most, such as styling, fashion, and photography. 


Destination weddings extend the celebrations

Couples tend to extend the celebrations when getting married abroad. With ceremonies scheduled later in the day (to avoid the midday heat and harsh light), you have the luxury of enjoying more time with your wedding party.


It’s a perfect time to unwind

Nothing beats that feeling of relaxation when you step off the plane. Wedding planning can be stressful (I would always recommend you hire a planner ), so going abroad before your big day is a perfect way to unwind. 


What else is there to consider when getting married abroad?

When hiring a photographer, it’s really important they can be there to capture everything from the candid moments leading up to the big day to the chaos of the big celebrations.


I now offer a multi-day package as standard for destination weddings

I’m not just someone who will turn up and shoot your day. I love to be included and know what you’re most excited about so I can share the excitement with you. I want to capture all the details you obsess over, the spontaneous moments between your chosen few, and most importantly – your connection as a couple. 


Arriving at your destination wedding a few days before the wedding allows me to familiarise myself with the venue and area to find optimal shooting spots and lighting conditions. It also allows me to build real connections with you and your guests, craft a narrative of the entire wedding, and maximising my opportunities to capture the moments that mean the most. 


You can find out more about my destination wedding packages by getting in touch here.

Faye x