Amy and Steve's small but perfect wedding was an epic celebration of love and togetherness, where only their closest friends and family gathered to help them celebrate.

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Held at the gorgeous Middleton Lodge Estate in Richmond, North Yorkshire, this intimate wedding was personalised to perfection and is the perfect venue for those looking for an aesthetic fusion between modern Bridgerton and Country Living.


The perfect setting to capture those candid wedding photography that is sentimental yet framed in a timeless editorial style. As a wedding photographer with a people-first approach, I was in my element and I loved connecting with the new Mr and Mrs Bliss and their chosen few whilst capturing those wow shots.

Intimate weddings like Amy and Steve's offer a unique charm and countless perks that will resonate with those of you seeking a more personal celebration and relaxed wedding photos. When surrounded exclusively by your nearest and dearest, you can savour each moment and focus on what matters: your legacy.


With greater budget flexibility, a relaxed atmosphere, and a chance to focus on what truly matters, it’s no surprise that more couples are choosing smaller, more intimate weddings. The shared experiences, heartfelt speeches, and candid moments become the highlights of the day, creating an atmosphere of intimacy that leaves everyone feeling the love.


The people that you surround yourself with, and the energy they bring to your day, become even more significant when you know that each and every individual there means something to you. It will make sure your wedding photographs really are the sentimental memories that you will want to keep forever.

The benefits of an intimate wedding

One of the key advantages of an intimate wedding is the flexibility to allocate more of your budget to other aspects of the celebration. With a smaller guest list, you can invest in elements that you value. From luxurious decor to unique entertainment or a bespoke menu, the options are endless when it comes to creating a personalised and unforgettable experience.


Middleton Lodge, with its picturesque surroundings and elegant interiors, provided the perfect backdrop for Amy and Steve's intimate wedding. The attention to detail was elevated and it was all of the personalised touches that showed off  the couple's style and vibe, making it a day to remember for both them and their guests. From the minimalist tablescape to the champagne spray at dusk and stolen moments on the lawn – capturing the beautifully curated details and the genuinely authentic moments was a dream.

Amy and Steve effortlessly moved through their day, sharing laughter and new core memories with their loved ones, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. An intimate wedding allows you to relax and embrace every moment of your day. With a smaller group of guests, there is less pressure and more time to connect with every person on your carefully curated guestlist.


The group shot list for intimate weddings is shorter, making the photography process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. I understand the importance of capturing the details of the day without being intrusive and a huge part of my job is helping you all to relax while capturing candid wedding photos that are as timeless as they are chic. With an intimate wedding, I can easily blend into the background and document the authentic emotions and candid interactions that define your celebration and lend themselves perfectly to gorgeous editorial wedding photography.

Amy and Steve's celebration at Middleton Lodge showcased the beauty and magic of an intimate wedding. Surrounded by their favourite few they crafted a day that was truly their own. As a UK wedding photographer who loves capturing organic, joyful moments it makes my job so much easier when couples do things authentically.

Middleton Lodge is my most booked UK venue and I love it so much. If you want to chat about working together at your Middleton Lodge wedding, get in touch.

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