Back in April...

I travelled to London to shoot a high end editorial with Nicole and Jasmine. It's still one of my favourite shoots to date - not just because of the considered décor, styling, and abundant florals - but the bridal outfits were out of this world and the connection between these two girls was electric.

When shooting your wedding, my approach is very reactive. I'm working solidly to capture all those dreamy details that you've invested in. I'll work the venue, changing up the backdrops and composition of my photos to incorporate the bits of the venue that WOWd you and helped you decide it was the one... but my core focus remains on your experience and how comfortable you feel in front of the lens.

I was prompted to write this blog after a couple enquired about working with me on their Middleton Lodge wedding (you can see my most recent feature for the dreamy venue here) and asked me how I approach couple's portraits in terms of styling and direction for same sex couples.

I realised that although I make a conscious effort to showcase a diverse portfolio, choose inclusive language and create an open space where all feel welcome, I don't talk openly enough about the effort I make to ensure ALL of my clients feel their best, which often includes taking into account any single thing that could make you uncomfortable in front of the camera, and that includes me!

In this instance, my response to the question is: My approach to each couple’s portraits session is different as I make it unique to the couple, reading your body language and seeing what you’re both comfortable with before giving you very gentle prompts (I’m a prompt over pose gal, with lots of movement). When shooting Jas + Nicole I gave genderless/ none person specific prompts, I.e. ‘I would love one of you to… ‘ it ‘so whoever wants to be the dominant one for the next prompt…’ 

It’s really important to me that I don’t put either of you into a gender / stereotypical gender roles box. I can fully appreciate how difficult it is to find a wedding photographer, perhaps even more so as a queer couple, but I am a very proud ally, and make a conscious effort with all website / socials copy to be an open space. I'm really really proud that my open mindedness shines through and I've had the privilege of shooting so many diverse weddings of people from all over the world ✨

I've shared some of my favourite images from both looks below (yes, there were two ✨✨) which I know you are going to love! and want to re assure you that I am a people person, and I will continue working hard to keep any areas that I showcase my work a loving and inclusive space, where it's clear just how much I love every couple I get to work with.

Faye x