...You’ll find me doing all sorts of creative lifestyle shoots ✨ Maternity sessions have always been very special and sacred to me. To all the parents, wanna be parents, struggling to conceive parents, and any camp in between… I love documenting all the milestones that come with the decision to try for a little one and expand the family.

New parenthood is such a delicate stage… one full of emotion, highs and lows. something nobody or anything can really prepare you for. My maternity photography is a mix of free movement, intimate portraits and creativity... always getting a real feel for who you are and what’s most important.

I actually re shot this shoot, as myself and India had been sharing inspo pics getting excited for weeks before the shoot (definitely a sunny vibe and aesthetic). We had planned to do the whole shoot outside and for that reason didn’t set the date until the week before to try and get the best weather possible.

Come the initial shoot day it was supposed to be sunny, but when I arrived the sky had blackened and I left feeling disheartened despite getting lots of beautiful shots. Keen to create the shots we’d chatted about, inspired by their beautiful home and garden, we set another date to have another go. For the whole journey there the sun was shining. we hung up the bed sheet on the tree in the garden and got ready to start… and then we lost the sun again under a mass of black cloud. Determined, and assured that the universe wouldn’t do this to us twice (!) I suggested a brew and some indoor portraits while we waited. as soon as the tea was ready the sun came back out and we ran out.

Inspired by the run, I kept shooting. we had so much fun together and I am so excited to share more from this shoot. Thank you india for being my muse and for being such a joy to work with. A reminder that no matter what, it’s you that brings the vibe no matter the weather, and I’ve shot at weddings in all conditions and loved the photos, but for local lifestyle shoots (especially outdoor ones) I’ll always be as flexible as possible.

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