Two shooters means two perspectives. A must if you have a large guest count, you're getting ready in two different locations, or you've invested in your details + want to re-live as much of the magic as possible via your wedding gallery.

All images taken by a second shooter are edited by the main shooter and delivered to you together in one gallery, in your main photographer's signature style. Choosing the right second is very important, that's why your main photographer will always source them and there will be an additional cost to your package. You'll also have to provide food for them, which is another cost to consider... but costs aside, second shooters can bring so much more to the table than just additional images.

When choosing second shooters for my own clients, I always aim to find someone who matches my energy + shooting style, so that your gallery is cohesive. My favourite thing about working with a second is the extra energy. Weddings are long days, and having someone to bounce ideas off is invaluable. When second shooting, the goal is to assist the main photographer + capture alternate angles or moments. There's less pressure which is magic in itself, as you get to be much more creative as the main photographer works hard to serve the client. You're also investing in more of the candid moments with a wider number of guests.

Below I've attached a range of images that I took while second shooting for other photographers. Some of these images are amongst my faves ever taken.

If you want to add a second shooter, you can let me know at any point - but I ask that you give me as much notice as possible so that I am able to source someone fab!