i adore shooting bridal...

Whether it’s the simplicity of minimalist pieces, the intricacy of bridal couture, or the flair of a statement accessory. 

For this editorial shoot in Split, Croatia, real couple Sophie and Gabs wore gorgeous dresses from Susanna Greening’s new collection. Susanna is one of my all-time favourite designers, with detailed dresses handmade from silks, laces, and embellishments to feel as luxurious as they look. 

As a wedding photographer, my mission is not just about capturing stunning images of beautiful fashion; it’s also about fostering a safe space for all couples – whether that’s on your wedding day, an editorial shoot, or at one of my workshops.

From education to photography

Having spent a decade in education before becoming a wedding photographer, there are so many similarities between understanding different personalities in the classroom and connecting with diverse couples.

I used to spend time getting to know each child in my class, now I invest time in getting to know my couples. Because of this, my photography style considers and is sensitive to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, and sexuality.

Considered prompts over poses

I never go into a session with a list of poses. Instead, I get inspiration from the environment I’m in, the movement of the fabrics, and what elements of the fashion the couples love. The more nervous someone is, the more I get them to move their body so they can get out of their head.

In this photo shoot, Gaby felt so strong in this necktie – she told me she felt powerful. So I knew that we should do strong poses with smouldering looks. It’s about getting the best out of people from what their outfits are telling me without them losing confidence. 

Gender-neutral approach

My approach to each couple’s portrait session is different as I read your body language and make my prompts unique to the couple. Avoiding gender stereotypes – even with my prompts – allows you to take the lead depending on what you are comfortable with. 

Communication is key

I’ll never count the first five minutes of any shoot. If something isn’t quite right, I’ll always say why. More often than not, it’s the lighting, angle, or backdrop. Couples need to know it’s not them. Constant communication and positive reinforcement are essential for building a safe space.

My commitment to inclusivity

My commitment to inclusivity begins with sourcing models for shoots. I love working with real couples, celebrating all body shapes, ages, backgrounds, races, and sexualities. It’s so important to me that I represent as many people as I can. 

Getting to know you

Building a safe space for your wedding starts long before the big day. I always make an effort to get to know each couple personally. Ultimately, this leads to insane photos because I know exactly your vibe, what and who is important to you, as well as what you want. I want you to be obsessed with your pictures, and getting to know you is a key part of that process.

Multiday packages to practice for the big day

This shoot is a really good example of how much beauty can be achieved if I’ve been given the time. 

For destination weddings, I now offer multi-day packages to get to know you and shoot content before your big day. 

I also offer engagement, elopement, sunrise, and sunset shoots as another opportunity to capture unreal content, get to know each other, and help you feel more relaxed in front of the camera before your big day.

Creating a safe space as a wedding photographer isn’t something that happens by chance. It’s carefully considered approach that draws on my experience in education, my empathy as a person, and passion for personal connections to create gorgeous galleries that you will love.

This was an editorial for Susanna Greening’s new bridal pieces in Split, Croatia. Keep scrolling to see more and find the incredible supplier team.

Faye x

shot on a mix of digital and 35mm analogue film