it's extra cold at the moment...

... We've literally just been snowed in for three days in Nottingham, so I'm throwing back to much sunnier times with Byron and Chloe in the summer shot for the queen Rosie Kelly in THAT Grace Loves Lace gown.

It’s a really common misconception that bright sunshine is amazing for photos - it’s the opposite! and why planners always recommend a much later ceremony for destination weddings. It’s really tricky to work with direct sunlight as it causes harsh shadows, causes lots of squinting and the colours are extra vibrant. Thank god for my dreamboat couples! Always trusting me and working with me to help me get the best images. It’s usually just a case of turning a certain way or finding a patch of shade and taking more care with the editing. I’ll always guide you for any posed shots on the day to make the best of all weathers, and for candids, I’m always chasing those dreamy sun flare and pockets of light and shadow. I love it ✨

Super hot sun all day long, giving you all the French vineyard vibes. you’d never know we were tucked away in the middle of nowhere in the South Downs National park.

Dive into some of my favourite highlights from this beautiful, sun drenched day. A wild party, for an adventurous couple... and the amongst most emotional speeches I've shot!