it might rain on your wedding day...

... but that's OK! No matter what season you get married in the weather is unpredictable, but you can control your vibe and attitude, and choose to have the best time whether it rains and pours or you get bright sunshine all day.

Today I'm throwing back to Rachel and Callum's London wedding shot for Rebecca Kerr Photography. We were very unlucky with the weather, with heavy rain and wind all day... but despite the cold November temperatures we still had the best time together, with just a few tweaks to the timeline.

I've collated some top tips for winter weddings/ wet weddings below that might help if you are planning a luxury winter wedding:

✨ Have one of your wedding party on dress watch if you’re worried about it getting wet. Another bridesmaid and I took it in turns to carry my best friend's dress at her wedding to make sure it didn’t get too soggy (as it was a big dress and there was a lot of rain).

✨ Bring plenty of clear brollies for your wedding party.

✨ Choose a venue with lots of indoor space just in case. Norwood Park and Aswarby Rectory are great options if you're local to Nottingham.

✨ Shawls are a great gift for your wedding party if wearing gowns.

✨ Sparkler exits hit different when it’s winter time and you can do them earlier before people get too drunk as it’s dark earlier. Liaise with your photographer about this to make sure you get the right sparklers!

✨ Embrace the weather. It can rain in June - especially here in the UK. so whatever the weather remember to embrace it and bring the vibe regardless. We had the absolute best time at Rachel and Callum's wedding despite the weather, as it was the joy and love that defined the weekend, not the weather.

Dive into some of my favourite highlights from this beautiful, wet winter wedding... and see if you can spot the moment Rach announced her second pregnancy to her bridesmaids.