so excited to share these analogue scans with you...

... Documenting some of my favourite moments from our recent trip to South Africa 💖 Here I am with the two loves of my life: my gorgeous husband Jamie and darling son Frank.

I am obsessed with travel and exploring and am super inspired by visiting new places, meeting new people and always always getting lots of recommendations from the locals for as authentic an experience as possible.

When I’m not working, you’ll find us doing a day trip as a family, getting outside as much as possible (even in the rain, I love the rain). We love to walk and hike and climbed 3 volcanoes on our honeymoon in Java + Bali. We recently took frank on his first mini hike which was such a special experience! Albeit super slow(!)

I always have music playing when I’m alone or when we’re in the kitchen. love to dance and make people smile 💖

I am a people person first, and my approach to photography is helping you have the most relaxed, enjoyable and fun day. (If it’s not fun, what’s the point? 🙌🏼).

But I love to wow my couples with those gorgeous editorial portraits… the wow shots, in between fleeting moments captured perfectly.

I read recently that photographers don’t get paid to take photos but to pay attention, and I love this a lot 💖

Forever obsessed with the details I know will help you re live your day again and again ✨ Dive into some highlights from this trip to inspire your honeymoon plotting, and scroll for the suppliers responsible for all the joy in these photos.