black tie and couture bridal...

... and the sunniest portraits I've done to date. You wouldn’t know the dread us photographers hear when someone says ‘beautiful day for it’ because the sun is glaring. Direct harsh light means extra vibrant colours (think lime green grass), harsh shadows and lots of squinting.

It’s at these moments it’s really important to trust us with where to do your photos. the prettiest backdrops often have the worst light and ultimately, getting the perfect shot is just as much (if not more) about the light than it is about the backdrop. With couples portraits it’s much easier as it’s just the two of you. it’s easier for me to get the best position or ask you guys to head towards a good spot.

I feel very blessed that my couples trust me because throughout the build up I keep you informed about how to get the best photos. love that I’m so often told ‘we’ll go where you say we trust you’ 🥹

With a very busy March / April creeping in on us, this week I’ve had lots of check in calls, talking through timelines and what to do to make group shots efficient + painless (so you can get back to cocktail hour) and how I work so that you know whatever the weather i’m on it, and will tell you where you need to be, when - so that you’re not worrying about logistics, you’re just enjoying your day with your favourite people.

Dive into this sun drenched inspiration shoot and meet the team behind all the gorgeous details.